Hi everyone , my phoneis in very old age and i dont know how long its got. if you have an old iphone lying around in a draw doing nothing , i would like it . Thanks
I am looking for one or two papasan chairs in good condition. Papasan foot stools will also be appreciated. I will take cushions if they are in excellent condition. Thank you!!!
My son broke my phone and then my new phone was stolen last week at the boxcar. I am willing to even try to fix a broken phone. Must be relevant i.e. at least 16gb memory and actually fixable for less than a new phone. At worst I will learn how to fix phones maybe? It will really help me to maintain having a job. Thank you. email: hueman.i.t@gmail.com
Just need a couple of drawers for cloths that cant fit in the closet.
Hello, fellow Freecyclers. I am in need of a 3'-4'scrap of a 4x12 beam. Thank you.
Kids off to college but you still have that wooden swingset in your backyard? Let me take it off your hands and make a goat very happy.
Going thru cancer treatment. Very weak. Walker w seat would make moving in house so much easier than the wheelchair. Would need to borrow for a couple of months. Would be returned. Thx for your considerations.
Does anyone happen to have some 3 drawer or any size metal file cabinets either to lend or give until Nov 1? Thanks so very much.
Does anyone happen to be moving or getting rid of some houseplants? Preferably a few hanging like philodendrons, standing palms or others? Peace lilies? Open to all donations. Thanks so much!
Anyone have a cheap telescope gathering dust? I'll give it a good home.
I will pick up broken or working extension ladders, or 1/2 of an extension ladder. I can use them for work, or to make other projects from them. Thank you, Jose'
Looking for several hay (or straw) bales for use in erosion control. Can be spoiled as they re not going near animals. Thank you!
Got a water heater that needs moving? I am in need of a *working* water heater that burns natural gas. I am ready willing and able to pick it up, haul it off and get it out of your hair! Thanks for your consideration. Stephen
I am a teacher looking for a LARGE whiteboard that you no longer need or want. I would like to have an additional whiteboard in my classroom and without buying one myself, the likelihood of me getting one is not wonderful. As a teacher and a mother of 4, I do not have a lot of expendable income to purchase a whiteboard on my own because they are not cheap. I would be more than happy to come pic...
i need a working vacuum cleaner asap , my dog is suffocating me lol . please i need it to work ,thank you 561 5094178
Upholstered chair for living room. Could be rocker or straight back
My 7 year old has an "office" in his room. and needs a place for the microscope and typewriter and appauling amount of reporters that he is reading. We are thinking a desk -perhaps with drawers- would be nice.
The R12 & R22 would be best but any freon tank would do. I come to Santa Fe on Fridays.
so any older architects out there who still have one that they are not using?
My tower fan just died (right as the weather is too hot to be without one!). This is for my bedroom and my current non-working fan is 41" tall (which is perfect since my bed is 25")and about 6-7" in diameter. It oscillated at 2 or 3 speeds and although I'd prefer something comparable, whatever does the job in keeping me cool will work. I'm reliable for pick up. Thank you. Carol
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