free metal stove-works, but would need internal cleaning, or could be recycled for $
I have two orchid plants that I d like to give away and one is still in bloom
Lots of slightly used and some completely new items from: Bliss, It's a 10, Everyone, Skin Medica,
About 5 dozen small to mid-sized canning jars. Will need paint remover, as the have been painted for a now complete project.
Mostly small and some medium sized boxes. One extra large adjustable art box with foam corners. Lots of clean packing paper. Please take these before I have to recycle them!
A mixture of boxers from Lowe's, home depot, and others. Several boxes of every size in good condition.
Got about a third of a bucket of decorative Spanish moss from hobby lobby.
I've got a pile of mostly clear flat marbles. Good for vases and the like.
Canceled stamps from international mail I receive. I have no real use for them. Does anyone collect them or want for a school project?
Foam pad in old bedroll,denim cover.Used on platform over pickup bed w/cap. Can be taken apart & washed. I no longer have large dogs, or pickup :( 505-471-1784/Joanne
I have a few moving boxes to unload. Must pick up ASAP.
Our dog ate the fabric seat, but the frame is still good. Free to anyone interested in making it whole again.You pick up. Ill take down the post when gone.
I have a two seat stroller that I would like to trade for a single seat stoller. I have received this stroller for free, so freely I will give it away.
Antique sofa, green velvet covered, original straw stuffing, back detachable, hand carved oak base. Needs to be recovered. Approximate measurements Sofa Length 69, Width 23 12, Height 18, Height with back attached 25FREECome and pick it up. Requires two movers. Very heavy.Contact me via email and well set up a time and Ill provide the location.
Free desk, you load bring help ready for pickup on 7-10-18 call Richard 455-2055
Overstuffed faux leather chair. Its big, youll need a truck or big van
Motorized bed lifts head andor foot. Just the motorized frame and controls. Youll need your own mattress. It was given to me by a health caregiver who no longer needs it. Its clean and sturdy looking but she said it needs some work to be operable. Free if you want it.
Its yours if you can haul it away. Big and heavy. 20 years old. beige metal. We removed drawers to move it. Only made it outside with frame. Very heavy. 2 strong people not us needed to move it to your vehicle. Works fine. No longer pretty. Legal hanging files included.
I had big plans for all the Laura Scudders type peanut butter jars I have been collecting but wont do them. I was gonna make them into screwnailsboltsstuff holders, like the one in the pic. But I just cant stand the smell of peanut butter when you wash the jars so I havent done this project. if you have a dish washer, no problem tho I have no idea how many I have collected but I bet its way ove...
Free lumber. Must take all
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